Living a Spiritually Inspired Life 

In this site we  explore what is involved in living a life inspired by higher levels of consciousness

On this page we outline the concept and in our separate pages we will look at it in more details

The Ageless Wisdom maintains that the objective of the human soul as growing and developing in awareness and consciousness - ideally to the point where it reaches complete oneness with the Divine.

 This growth in consciousness can only be achieved through acceptance of certain spiritual disciplines and practices, which are defined in every religion, but always in a form appropriate to the time and place when the teachingwas recorded. Despite the variation from religion to religion, there are certain key tenets in one form or another, in nearly every religion and spiritual path. We are here discussing the teaching that underpins all universal beliefs as expressed in the Wisdom.

 In discussing the necessary discipline for leading a spiritual life, there is a tendency to see it as harsh, cold and detached – a life that can only be lived in a monastery. This is a misguided concept. The spiritual journey is a joyous one and, if followed with diligence every step of the way, it brings its own fulfilment and reward. Whilst letting go of some material delights may be necessary, the reward outweighs any possible disadvantages as has been testified by many.

In our web site - -  we look at the teaching of the eternal Wisdom - here we will explore how this applies to every day actions in the material world. There is only space for an outline of this vast subject, but in this site we will look at some of the so-called ‘rules’ for following a spiritual path. Conforming exactly to these requirements is not easy, but having them as objectives, is a start on the journey.

We are looking at a simple concept - but which when looked at in detail you can appear to be a complex and daunting task.

But it is the gateway to an extraordinary new way of living - that  brings fulfillment, happiness , joy, contentment and peace to every aspect of one's life.

 It is inevitable that in trying to list the qualities that are held to be necessary on the spiritual path, much of the love, warmth and fulfilment, which are part of the path, will be lost in the cold listing of facts. Nonetheless, some definition of the spiritual journey is necessary if we are to understand how this impacts upon our activities in the everyday material world.

The Contents of this site are as follows

Attune - qualities need to help us attune to the world of  hHghe Consciousness

Service - the concept of 'selfless servce' in the world

Transformation - Attaining spiritual awareness