A fundamental concept of using the Wisdom to inspire spiritual life,  is that it needs to follow the step ofs:

Being able to:

  • Understand that the Wisdom exists
  • Access the Wisdom
  • Work with and listen to the Wisdom
  • Bring what is learnt into practical reality through selfless service

The latter is an essential condition for progress on the spiritual path.

The concept behinbd it is the flow of spiritual energy.  the Wisdom inspires the individual who is accessing this energy and the energy flows into the individual – the energy them needs to flow out into the world and so that yet more energy is able to flow into the individual.

Assessing the wisdom, and sitting on what is learnt,   inhibits the flow

This does not necessarily mean a life of action - a committed monastic life is equally effective. The concept of selfless service implies serving the divine plan, as the individual understands it even if the task does not feel very appealing. The call is:

‘Service without any return save that of serving the Plan’.

 This may sound difficult, painful and unattractive, but in practice such service leads to satisfaction, fulfilment and contentment - difficult to achieve by any other means.

 Once the nature of the task, becomes clearer, none of the usual arguments will have any effect in dissuading the individual from this task. As with every step on the spiritual path, the individual needs to honour the truth that she is given, and is holding in her heart, regardless of what others may think. It is the spiritual motive for the action that is all-important, and not the action itself.