The concept of Transformation is  that the individual needs to be transformed from the original earth-bound physical being into a new form of spiritually aware being. This transformative process takes place by the conscientious following of the spiritual tenets of the path. Many religions talk about the need to be ‘born again’ or to ‘be reborn’. This means leaving the old, material way of life behind and start anew - a life with emphasis on the needs of the spirit.

Something has to be fond  that ‘stills’ the ever-active mind and allows the quiet spiritual energy to flow. The most appropriate method depends on the individual. There are a number of practical methods that include being somewhere in nature, sacred dancing, praying in private, or being in a quiet place that has been hallowed by prayer such as a country church or sacred spring.

 In addition some form of regular spiritual practice is necessary. This is a disciplined method of contacting the divine be it prayer, contemplation, meditation or one of many other practices.

 One of the most widely recommended practices is that of meditation.

There is nothing mysterious about meditation. It simply means sitting comfortably in stillness in a quiet place for 20 or 30 minutes and using some method to still what the Hindus call the ever active ‘monkey mind’. There are many methods but the most common ones are watching the breath or saying a mantra. A mantra is a repeated phrase or word, which may or may not have a meaning, used as a method of centring and stilling the thoughts.

This practice is wide spread throughout the Eastern religions and is well recognised in the Jesus prayer used, by the Orthodox Eastern Christian Church –

‘Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, has mercy on me, a sinner’.

 In recent years, the teaching of meditation has become widespread throughout the West and is now being taught in schools and businesses. In these latter cases, it is thought of as bringing peace, calm and stability to the individual.

In today’s paradigm, it is thought best not to mention the idea that meditation might be in some way leading to contact with the divine !

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